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Friday, July 16, 2010

Puffs of Garden Happiness

Last week I ventured out into the land of the unknown: Cream Puffs.

I had never made a cream puff before and people had warned me about them. I was told they were difficult to make, they were a failure unless you did everything perfectly, sometimes they didn't puff, they didn't store well...warning after warning.
Needless to say, I was a little intimidated by the thought of them. But when I got a request to make some small snacks for a garden party I thought cream puffs would be a good idea. (Actually, my mom thought it would be a good idea and I cautiously took her advice. Good move on my part, always trust your mother!)
I didn't make the original sweet cream puff with ganache, though. I made a savory puff!
Sun dried tomatoes, red pepper and chive cream cheese: Heaven.
They were so awesome! I mean, they tasted good, too. But my favorite part was making them. the dough wasn't even comprehensible when I piped them onto the baking sheet. It was like: Savory Garden Goop from the Swamp of Failure. I was pretty nervous putting them into the oven.

 But lo and behold! They were true to their namesake and puffed up like good little children.

My sister even took a picture of me happily noting their progress from goopy to delicious in front of the oven:

The final product: Yumminess in the form of a garden puff. Perfect with a glass of wine. Classy and Tasty at the same time. Score.


  1. What a brilliantly fantastic idea! I love making cream puffs...but my sad little brain never thought of making savory puffs instead of sweet. Seems sort of strange now, since I don't really like desserts all that well.

    My mind is racing now with all of the possibilities for the little puffy balls of golden goodness.

    You've also inspired me to start posting about cooking. :)

  2. I was really kinda weirded out by the idea of savory cream puffs. You just hear someone say "Cream Puff" and you think light and fluffy dessert. But I would much rather eat a dozen of these instead of sweet ones.
    I really hope you do post things about cooking!
    You are such an amazing woman in the kitchen, Annie. :)