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Monday, July 12, 2010

Almond? Joy!

Everyone loves a good candy bar. Whether it be snickers, reeses, baby ruth, 3 muskateers, twix, or a plain old hersheys...everyone pretty much likes candy bars. Even if you aren't a chocolate fan there is bound to be a candy bar out there that you can believe in.
My favorite candy bar is the Almond Joy. Coconut is my love and almond is my dream...so cover it in chocolate and VOILA! Perfection.

All this to say: I have made Almond Joy cupcakes. They are a cupcake, but with the taste of an almond joy candy bar.
One of the world's happiest combinations now comes in the form of a mini cake...and people say the world is getting worse. Imagine!
I started by making a thick and fluffy almond cake. I thought about making the cupcakes chocolate flavored. But then, how would I get the nutty taste in the end result? And plus, almond flavor in a cake is undeniable.
Then, cutting a cone into each cupcake, I filled it with a coconut and yoghurt cream filling. It was just like the coconut nougat you get in a real Almond Joy candy bar. The next step was getting a frosting extra chocolatey for the top. So using dark melted chocolate and whipping cream I concocted some of the best fudge icing ever. It was light and fluffy, but rich at the same time. Yum!
The final touch was the toasted coconut and almond slices on top. And so the ultimate candy bar cupcake was created!
Tada! Of course, the fun part was eating them!

Photos, as always, by the lovely Laura Lango.


  1. I have to admit I'm jealous. We don't get ovens in our dorm rooms so good, home-baked food is scarce. That looks really good! I'll bet it was fun to make too, which is half the joy of good cooking.

  2. I know! I nearly died without a kitchen at school last semester. :(
    Thank goodness I'm switching to culinary arts, huh?