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Friday, July 9, 2010

Berries and their True Love.

"Wauv, Twue Wauv is vaht brings us togevah tuday"

Don't you just crack up at that one priest on "Princess Bride"? I think he might be my favorite part of the whole film. (although we all know that it's impossible to pick just one favorite part. I mean, Billy Crystal is the best, too, right? "Have fun storming the castle!")
Anyway. I have created a food that imbodies a true and beautiful realtionship. It takes one thing that is amazing by itself, and another thing completely different and unique also amazing on its own. And it puts them together to compliment and better eachother in beauty and harmony!
Yes, I may be pushing my analogies here. But I know that I for one, am in love with this new experiment of mine:
Strawberry and Chocolate Love Cups!
Ok, you can take the word "love" out of there. Strawberry and Chocolate Cups is fine. ;)
I had quite a time trying to keep these chocolate cups from breaking as I peeled them out of their wrappers. They were very (VERY) fragile and I made them on a hot day so I had to peel them as fast as possible, while not touching the chocolate itself. I ended up keeping my hands in the fridge as I peeled them to minimize the melting chocolate breakage. I ruined two in the process. But after I found out the secret to intact chocolate cups, all I had to do was add strawberries and chocolate mousse/frosting. (It was thick mousse, or fluffy frosting, whichever you want)

True Love <3

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