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Friday, July 9, 2010

Downtrodden by Cupcakes.

My experimental recipes have been bringing me down lately. :(
Sunday I tried to make strawberry surprise cupcakes, but my frosting separated into a grainy sticky mess so I ended up frosting them with Cool Whip and pre packed colored sugar. Fail. The cupcake themselves were great though. I stuffed each one with a whole strawberry which everyone thought was pretty clever.
Today I tried out a Peaches and Cream cupcake repice I found but something went horribly wrong. They were all sticky and way too moist. The cake fell apart when you tried to take the wrapper off and they fell in the middle as they cooled. I tried to redeem them with spectacular homemade whipped cream but it wasn't enough I'm afraid. Another Fail.
I realize that when you are experimenting and trying new things that they aren't always going to be perfect and you have to take everything back to the drawing board. But twice in a row? I'm ready for a success to turn my luck around.
Tomorrow I am making three different things because of a Garden Party for Saturday. I'm hoping my bad mojo doesn't cross over. Crossing my fingers:
Savory Garden Cream Puffs (So fun to make! I could do it all day long. Puff pastry and cream cheese and they smell so great when baking.)
Mini Salmon and Spinach Quiches (Who doesn't love that brunch favorite? And in bite sizes!)
Fruit Topped Shortbread Rounds (Do you know those dessert pizzas with fruit on them? Like that, but cookie sized. Awesomeness.)
Wish me luck!

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