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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garden Party

Saturday, The Duvall Church hosted a ladies Garden Party at Kokopelli Gardens.
It was a beautiful day and the event was lovely. The music was great, the pretty tables were very cute, the ladies themselves all looked wonderful in their hats, dresses, and shoes. Sue and Davin, the owners of Kokopelli, have done a great job on the gardens themselves. The plants and lights make everything look so whimsical and inviting. I had a great time.
Also, happily enough, I was able to make a few fun treats for the party! I made about 70 each of mini quiches, fruit topped shortbread cookies, and savory cream puffs.
Unfortunately, the camera was short on battery power and I have absolutely no pictures at all of the event or the food. :(
But I did want to leave a shout out to Kim Smith (and her hubby, Steve) who organized and ran the whole operation. They did a superbtastic job making sure everything ran smoothly. *applause* You rock, Kim. :)
I can't wait til the next one!
Also, Kokopelli gardens has offered to put me on the "Recommended Caterer and Baker" list for future events. I'm super excited for new customers and baking expeditions!

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