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Monday, April 1, 2013

March's Favorites

Hurrah! Round two of monthly favorites here. March was a fun fun month. First off, EASTER. We have already established that Easter is the best day of the entire year. So, yes. Secondly, lots of exciting baking things happened. And thirdly, lots of NON baking (but just as exciting) things happened.

Exciting Non Baking things first:
Ruby The Berry 
Sadly, my trusty (kinda) dependable  car, Florence, finally bit the dust. Driving on the thruway something popped, everything rattled. And my car died. An adventure ensued, my mother got feisty with a police officer, the police officer got catty, diabetic glucose lows happened. Annnnnd. My car took one final trip to the dump. :( BUT! Just as all good things come to an end...more good things are right around the corner. Like this brand new happy red little vehicle named Ruby the Berry.
I love it. I have to pay 200 bucks a month for five years to have it, true. But I'm excited. I'm excited to have a car that isn't held together by zip ties, and I'm excited to be paying for my own things, making a way in the grown up world of adults, building up credit and all those things. And I'm able to do it all sporting a cute car!

Brazil Trip
Last week we had our first official Missions Meeting at our house on Sunday night. This June I and a team of people will be traveling to Brazil for a one of a kind missions trip. There is so much stirring and moving going on around this trip. Wayyyy too much for me to explain in one small post. I haven't been back to Brazil since high school, so that's five years of doubts and fears I'm dealing with. But also five years of giddiness and catching up to do with good old Brazil and me. There will be water filters, and boats on rivers, Portuguese (yikes!) and hopefully churrasco and guarana! Hurray Brazil food...I am very nervous and mostly looking forward to it with lots of excitement! More news to come...

Baking Things!!
Homemade Cheese:
Best. Time. Ever. Go find the recipe (oh look, a link! How convenient...) and make it as soon as humanly possible. It will change your life. It was my number one fun kitchen adventure this month.

March's Pinterest Finds:

Crocheted Apples...cutest snack in the world!

Homemade Fettuccine. Looks good, no?

A tutorial on how to make caramel swirls for decorating. I've got to try this. 

Your March Favorites:
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Pinterest Favorite:

I am SO looking forward to April! I can't wait for the warm weather and the sunny days, lighter flavors, more veggies and gardening...hope yours is just as wonderful to look forward to. :)

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