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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Preppy College Girls and Chicken Nuggets

I have so many recipes backed up that I need to blog. I feel quite neglectful letting them stack one upon each other like forgotten or old magazines you'll never read again but can't really bring yourself to throw away...I promise to treat you better, dear recipes.

Two weeks ago (two weeks, ah! So long ago. So much shame.) I decided to venture out into the land of the unknown. It's become a thing. First ugly food, now deep fried savory things? It's bizarre. I don't even know who I AM any more. Okay. That's very much untrue and I'm being melodramatic because this is supposed to be a baking blog and BAM! I decide to heat a huge pan of oil and decorate my kitchen in little droplets of oil that refuse to be cleaned up without smearing over everything. Hot oil is like college aged preppy girls. (I sincerely apologize to everyone I will most definitely offend in the next few statements) It's loud, can cause drama flames to flare up very easily, and generally gets its issues all over everything and everyone within a certain vicinity. But you think it's your friend! So you try and clean up the mess and avoid more mess. Nope. It's impossible. Also, if there are any college aged jock dudes around, it's not too far behind.

Hot oil = preppy college girls.
Okay, I am being too harsh on my peers here. But there was a whole gaggle of them in the Student Union Building yesterday and they were singing Kesha out loud in the study area like they were God's musical gift to mankind. Break it down, shall we?
Study Area
People Trying to Study
Said people appreciating the quiet atmosphere to study in
Preppy girls in yoga pants/weird bun things on their heads singing Kesha
Off key
Oh. Sorry, that's Ke$ha...m'bad.
Candice has the urge to fry aforementioned yoga pants girls in very hot oil so they shut up.

AH! If you ever have an experience like this and you need something to ease your rage...you can go home and make homemade chicken nuggets and eat them all. Not saying I ate them all or anything. But if I did...I totally have an excuse and it is legitimate, I swear.

A while ago I saw some disgusting chicken nugget video about the process that chicken nuggets come to be. And I was all "EW! How awful! What is the world coming to? This is despicable and I refuse to ever purchase another chicken nugget!" and then maybe a week later I ordered like, 17 hundred chicken nuggets from McDonalds. Go me. My mom (eating a salad of course) made some comment to me as I munched those crispy little death morsels..."Weren't you just talking about that pink slime stuff the other day? The stuff that's in those? How do you eat it? Do you just distance yourself?"
Thanks mom. Calling me out and shaming me for my nugget addiction...the woman is wily, I tell you. I need to learn her crafty ways. Well! Lo and Behold!! Homemade nuggets. Tasty nuggets. Nuggets o' awesome.

Recipe for Nuggets O' Awesome:
4 chicken breasts cut to bite size pieces
1 cup of marinade*
2 1/2 cups flour
1/4 cup powdered sugar
4 tsp salt
1 tsp white pepper
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp celery seed
1 tsp onion powder
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
Oil for frying
*I used 1 cup of dill pickle juice, but the chicken had a very pickley taste after frying. I thought that was awesome. But if you don't really like dill pickles, try using half a cup of pickle juice and something else to compliment it. I plan on using mild fruit juices or coke. (anyone ever had Coco cola chicken? Amazing.)
Marinate your chicken pieces in the marinade for at least four hours and up to 24 hours. Heat oil to 375 F in a large high sided skillet. In a small bowl whisk together the eggs and milk. Throw together all the dry ingredients into a gallon sized ziploc bag and shake it up to combine. Take your nuggets and dip them in in the eggy mixture, then throw them in the bag. Go to town shaking it...shake some more. Then shake off the excess from the chicken pieces and lay then in the hot oil to fry. Fry three or four at a time, don't let the oil get too hot or else they will burn. Fry about two to three minutes on each side and then drain them on layers of paper towels. 
Eat them as soon as you can without burning your fingers or the roof of your mouth. Because nothing quite ruins the eating experience when you have that burnt feeling on the roof of your mouth. 

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