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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This last week had some delicious weather. The weekend has some really really glorious days. It was full on sun, visits to the nursery, hardware store, Brussels sprouts plants, new garden beds, purple pots, and cupcakes.

Nice green minty cupcakes.
I wish I had stuck with my recipe for these. It was the sun. I completely blame the copious amount of rays coming in all the open windows. It went straight to my head.

I decided to try a new (fancy) cake recipe. One that involved soaking mint leaves in Bailey's Irish Cream, separating eggs, beating the whites and folding batter. It was supposed to reveal a light fluffy cake of supreme fluffiness. A cloud of minty delight sprinkled with little chocolate bursts of happy.
And it was a bit dry.
And hard.

The flavor itself was great. Pretty inspired. Mint with a hint of Baileys Irish Cream (as a tip of the hat to St Particks' Day coming up) with chocolate chips. A boozy mint chocolate chip. Awesome. But the texture just wasn't there.

Lesson learned? If there is something that tastes good, everyone loves it, and you like making it...just stick with it. There is no need to find something better! Sure, it's fun to experiment, but don't get your hopes up. ;) So I'm looking forward to recreating this with a more successful hope of light fluffy of supreme fluffiness. I'll keep you updated. ;)

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