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Monday, March 4, 2013

Grumpy Cat and Oreos

Conversation this past Friday night between me and my sister:

"How are the cupcakes?"
"They were okay. Tasted kinda weird."
"Oh no! What kind of weird? Terrible weird or good weird?"
"I don't know. Just not as good as they usually are."
"Ugh. Great. They're ugly, hideous, and not tasty."
"Well, they weren't bad!"

At this point I was in despair. I wanted to make the perfect dessert for my sister's college friends who were visiting for the weekend and I ended up making the kitchen a mess and mediocre cupcakes. Then my mom came home...

Conversation this past Friday night between me and my mom:

"Ooh! Cupcakes! What kind?"
"Cookies and Cream. Laura says they don't taste good."
"Did you use your regular chocolate cake recipe?"
"Yes." (I admit I might have said that a bit sullenly. I probably had my "Grumpy Cat" face on. My dad says I have a perfect grumpy cat face.)
"I'm going to have one."
*Grumpy Cat Face from me*
"Wow, Candice! It tastes like an Oreo in cupcake form..."
"Oh. Well, that was the goal I guess."

I had one later and I thought they were fine! They did taste like Oreos. I don't know what my sister's expectations were. Sometimes I think she believes I'm a cupcake goddess or something and everything I touch is going to taste like the dreams of baby fairies or something. And then I make a decently delicious cupcake that just tastes like a good cupcake and not unicorn wishes and she is disappointed in me. This is perfectly okay with me. I feel like all big sisters probably disappoint their little sisters at some point. I'm right on track then. Our relationship is well rounded. We are so well rounded we are like a perfectly circular...


Yeah. Like these here delicious Oreos on these here Cookies and Cream cupcakes.
Now. I don't have a recipe exactly. More like assembly instructions. Ready?
1. Pick your favorite chocolate cake recipe.
2. Pick your favorite buttercream recipe
3. Make them.
4. Throw in oreos and put oreos on everything. Thouroughly coat your kitchen in oreo crumbs.
5. Make Grumpy cat faces until you eat them and are satisfied. Drink milk from this mug in order to make it official.

No really, I used a plain chocolate cake recipe, stirred in cookie chunks (or just stuck a whole cookie in the cupcake before baking) and baked them normally. Be sure not to overfill the cupcake pan though. Mine ended up overflowing in the oven. :( I mean, I just ate the extra parts and it was fine. But there was a "OH NO! They are so ugly!" moment there for awhile. And then I used a plain cake icing that was shortening based and stirred in cookie chunks.
Oh yes. So Cordon Bleu over here. You're overwhelmed by the class and sophistication of this dessert, aren't you? Of course you are...

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