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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cupcake Challenge: Inspire me Cupcake

Week two!
I'm still excited about the cupcake challenge, but this is the second week in a row that the cupcakes haven't turned out right. The first (Cherry Limeade) I blogged right away about the cupcakes and yes, for the first day they were awesome! But when I put them away and tried them the next morning it was like eating playdough! >:P Blech. They got super chewy and hard and gross. I was significantly fallen.
This week I made Rocky Road cupcakes. Like last week, I followed a recipe from the internet...
I think I might have to stop doing that.

These weren't as bad as the last batch, but they weren't very good either. The cake itself was really dry and hard to eat. When they first came out of the oven they were like brownies so that was good. It's just when they had cooled they lost that brownie trait and became crumbly bricks. :(
I think in the future I'll use my own chocolate cake recipe because, quite honestly, it kicks some cupcake booty.
Decoration wise they were magnificent. Topped with a chocolate ganache, melted marshmallows, and chopped nuts...everyone that ate one ate it because they LOOKED delicious, not because they actually were. ;)

So already, even on week two, I'm learning things!
1. You aren't going to get it perfect the first time through. You'll have to go back, tweak things, work it through and put elbow grease into your recipes to make them as good as you want.
2. If a blog is cute and everyone raves about the author/photos/cuteness factor/creativeness it doesn't necessarily mean that their product is actually good. It could end up being really sucky.
3. If at first you aren't happy, get back up and turn on that kitchen aide again. You'll always be good at baking something (Like homemade donuts for instance!)

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