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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April's Favorites

I have been on the brink of death.
Seriously. I thought I was going to die. At one point I wanted to very very bad.
I had the flu. And then I had a sinus infection, and then I went to the walk in clinic, scratch that, the next day I went to the Emergency Room. IV in, meds taken, I slept for 48 hours.
I am finally (THANK JESUS) back on my feet. I'm ready to start baking and blogging once more!
Man, I've missed it. Really really missed it.
Same way I missed being able to breathe through my nose or stand up without my head turning to a raging pain. Ohhh...it's good to be back. It's like the world is an oyster and everything is pearls. (That could very well be a side effect of the nice cocktail of meds I've been downing for the past two weeks, but it's okay. :D)
Sadly, I have no new recipes to blog. :( This is the only really bad thing about the world right now. Otherwise I am a new woman. ;)

So that whole paragraph was to make you feel sorry for me and forgive me for being a bit behind with "April's Favorites". Jumping right in...
We will skip the list of fun activities and such since we have already established that most of April was indeed me lying wrapped blankets and scarves, eating soup, swallowing pills and sleeping at odd hours. Annnnndddd so!
April's Pinterest Finds:
Oh my goodness! May is the first month of farmers market here in little Duvall.And it's tiny and lacks the big city farmer's market hoo-ha, but it's charming and I can not wait till Thursday when I will make my huge grinning appearance to buy flowers and honey and bread and veggies. I'm so excited. This print from etsy is charming too, yes?

 Since my mom has been trying to eat healthier lately, I think I might buy some flowers and surprise her with this garden cake instead of my traditional route of the sugar laden kind.

This blew my cupcake obsessed mind. Frosting in every bite? I should have discovered the true way to eat a cupcake so long ago...

Your March Favorites
Facebook's Favorite

Pinterest's Favorite
Return of the Turtle Cake...I've got to make another one of these cute cakes...they seem to be popular. 

So here's to May!! It's here already, I know. And it's been absolutely 100% beautiful. I'm hoping the gorgeous weather and good health are both here to stay. ;)

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