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Monday, August 1, 2011

Pina Coladaaaaaa!

I'm getting ready to cater my very very first wedding ever! I am 8 parts excited, 12 parts nervous. I'm hoping that soon the excitement rises on the excitometer and the nervousness kinda ebbs away.
I usually find that worrying about something is
a. no help at all. Sleeplessness is always a bad thing.
b. laughable after it's all over. I always do better than I expect.
A few weeks ago I was able to go to the bride's shower, meet her grandmother, her aunt, cousin, and all her friends. They were all nice pleasurable people that love Amy very much. I gave her a kitchen utensil set and also 2 dozen of these babies:

Pina Colada Cupcakes! 
Her and her mom adore coconut, but they also picked that flavor for the wedding cake itself so I didn't want to just make coconut cupcakes for the shower. I had some cherries and canned pineapple so hey. HEY! Pina Colada, right? right!

According to the popular opinion these were AMAZING!! Amazing with an extra zing...my mom actually took home three extras from the shower and she never has seconds (she is a figure watching ninja...)
They were all over facebook the next day. I probably got a little too prideful about em, if I have to speak truth. But my last two experimental batches just didn't turn out too well so I was very very happy. 

The only thing I would change about it would be to add a little more Rum extract. I adapted my recipe from Glorious Treats. I didn't think Cream cheese frosting would hold up as well (it tends to get soupy) So I made a batch of coconut butter cream. THAT was my favorite part. mmmm....Oh. That and eating the leftover dried pineapple pieces. They're like candy! 

Of course, these awesome photos were taken by my ever lovely and talented sister, Laura. She just bought an Olympus something or other (I really don't know anything about cameras. But her's is like magic.) and so she really put it to work. Laura can make any camera pump out great looking photos, but Lucy (that's the new camera's name) puts her into the supernatural category of photography. :) 

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