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Saturday, May 14, 2011

So today was one busy day! (Phew!)
We had:
1 baseball game
1 sick person
2 cake orders
1 prom
1 birthday party
1 scheduled meeting for PDB
1 men's retreat
1 lost cell phone
1 trip to the florist
1 dishwasher to buy
4 loads of dishes to wash by hand
5 fondant animals to scuplt
1 car stalled
3 subway sandwiches
and a VERY tired Candice.
One cake was a lemon birthday cake with blueberry filling and candied lemon peel decorations.

The second cake was a very cute three month-iversary cake with all of the cute little baby animals!

Two dolphons, a shark, a chicken and a lemur. BAM. It was chocolate with vanilla frosting. :)

THIS is my beautiful drop dead gorgeous amazing sister and her date for the Prom. I was so flabbergasted by how stunning and grown up she looked. It was like being related to a princess. 

Annnddd that's me, exhausted from doing Prom Hair/Makeup and baking two cakes at the same time. But VERY excited and happy for my sister who (yes, let me say it again) was beyond beautiful. 

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