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Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Recipe Test of the New Year

So Purple Door Bakery has been a busy little thing lately. I actually registered my name for business in my tiny little beloved town of Duvall, WA. I am officially a real life business! *confetti canon violently shoots cupcake shaped confetti into the air* I think that's a good start to 2011, don't you?

Also, I am getting ready for the holiday of love: Valentine's Day.
I'm planning on putting a small advertisement in the newspaper for romantic treats for the second half of January and first half of February. Some ideas I've had so far are:
-Chocolate covered Cherries (with and without liquor cream inside...mmmm)
-Brazilian Brigadeiros (A type of chocolate truffle/bonbon of delight)
-Red velvet cupcakes with white chocolate cream cheese filling and frosting
-Stained glass heart cookies
-A chocolate raspberry/strawberry couples cake (A cake small enough for two-maybe-three-ok-four servings)
-Assorted decorated artisan cookies (super fancy like)

Tonight I started recipe testing! I'm currently in the middle of my kitchen between recipes...  It's where I'm happiest, especially with a good mix of dance music. ;) Anyway, I present you with pictures of my White Chocolate Cherry Cookies! They'd be in that super fancy artisan cookie bunch.

They are a work in progress of course. I'm planning on tweaking the recipe into a rollable dough and cutting them with a scalloped edge biscuit cutter, and placing a halved maraschino cherry in the middle to make them look their prettiest. Right now they are a simple drop cookie with white chocolate drizzle. But I know for sure they are tasty!

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