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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cake Decorating.

I've signed up for a cake decorating class. I've wanted to get better at my cake decorating and all, seeing as I plan on making them for the rest of my life. Well, today was the first cake day!
I actually baked a lemon cake, filled it with orange marmelade, frosted the whole thing with lemon buttercream and triumphantly carried it off to my class.
I was a little sad that we could only decorate it with techniques we've been taught by our instructor. We have only learned three things so far so it was kinda limiting. Are you ready for this? The three things I could use to decorate my fantastic citrus cake were:
The dot:
If you want to use "the dot" while decorating, put on the "dot" tip, and pipe a dot. It's excrutiatingly difficult. I promise. Second up: the star.
Now, if you want to use "the star" for decorating, apply the "star" tip, and pipe a star. Sometimes it can be tricky! It will leave a little point if you don't stop squeezing the bag before starting a new star. It adds a whole new demension to the technique world....However! The third technique is the hardest of all. The outline...
Pheooo boy. This is tough stuff, my friend. Tough with a capital T. It's like a dot...but it keeps going until it's a line. And then, if you're good enough, the line will eventually turn into a picture -like this superb example of a heart shown above.
Alright alright, I'll end my sarcasm. I just kinda get a little bored in the basics class, that's all. But we are going to learn cool stuff next week I think so I'm really really excited!  Anyway, here are the results of my first class. I thought it wasn't that great, but my family said it was...
"This is awesome! I love you...*hug*" -John Mark
"Very nice, I want to eat it." -My dad
"It looks classy, honey." -My mom
"You're cake looks nice, Candice" -Laura
"It's beautiful." -Jorge
They also thought it was tasty. I couldn't snatch a picture of it til after it had been accosted and sliced into, but you get the idea.

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