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Monday, September 6, 2010

Rainy Day Soft Pretzels

Today was a rainy grey-ish sort of day.
Granted. It was a beautifully lovely day since I didn't have to go into work. I woke up and frosted pumpkin cupcakes my mom had made last night. They were the perfect breakfast.
Then I dillydallied here and there. Took a shower, checked emails, read a script that my sister wrote for her TSA group, packaged up some jam to send to college students deprived of home food. Then I found my kitten staying warm in the dryer, kidnapped her and took a nap.
 The Penny Kitten aka Nap Companion
Upon awakening I tweaked the Purple Door Bakery website, braided my hair, and went to the grocery store and bought more flour.
I'm always needing either sugar, flour, or vanilla extract. All the time. It's a baker's plight.

My day was almost complete.
My family happily attacked the kitchen. John Mark cooked the onions for a beautiful rue. My mom shredded carrots, Laura taste tested, my dad stuck his head in and sniffed...Ginger the dog tripped EVERYone.
Dinner was a broccoli cheese soup success. It always is. ...a success, I mean. It isn't always broccoli cheese soup.
 Fresh out of the oven...
After dinner John Mark and I couldn't wait to start rolling out dough. After reading one of my favorite blogs Have the Cake, I coaxed him into joining me in recreating Shopping Mall Soft Pretzels. You know the kind? The buttery-salty-fluffy-I-could-eat-these-forever kind? We kneaded, stirred, rolled, shaped, dunked, and baked those babies til they were perfect. They really do taste like the kind you pay an arm and a leg for in front of JC Pennys.
 Plate of Deliciousness...
Half of them we left just plain butter and salt, and the other half we sprinkled onion salt and italian herbs on. They made them taste fancier. Or so John Mark says...he also says when he starts working in the future store front he wants a weekly pay of $10. And a name tag that says "J-Man". Of course I complied.
Papa Garlic, Baby, and Salty Mama Pretzel Family

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