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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mushroom Tarts

I have another ladies event to cater this month!
*confetti* Yay!
The last Solace Event that I baked things for was so much fun! It was hosted in a garden with music and flowers. All the women wore nice clothes and ate dainty food. So I'm really excited about this next one. At first I was a little nervous because I was going to be the only person providing food. Last time there was another local bakery that brought muffins so I knew they could be my safety net if I dropped a whole platter of cookies or something. But by now the nervousness has faded away and I'm just happy to be baking for people. Today was a blessed day off of work so I spent it planning and testing the menu. I originally planned to do large platters of fritatta, but although I like making egg dishes for a dinner, the thought of 80 plus servings is a little daunting. And it didn't sound FUN.  I love cooking, but baking is what I really do best. So the menu had a face lift. Scratch the eggs. New addition=Mushroom tarts.
A big family sized tart for dinner. I couldn't just make a bunch of little ones, oh no. We whipped out the MAN sized baking sheet.
I experimented with two kinds. The first (which was my personal favorite) was Mushroom Asparagus. I used puff pastry to make it light and fluffy, fresh herbs and garlic to give it flavor, and swiss cheese. It was so tasty! And they look pretty cute if I do say so myself. 
 I'm getting pretty good at this food photography thing, aren't I? Eh. Maybe I'll let Laura do the other ones. Hehe. 
The second tart was Mushroom Bacon Onion Herb Deliciousness Tart. We ate a big one for dinner and everybody liked it. Even John Mark ate it, although he complained about the vegetables.
The baby one before he popped in the oven.
 Toasty warm and fresh!

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