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Friday, August 13, 2010

Yesterday a cute girl in her twenties came into work and bought this. I had cashier envy in two seconds.
I don't often get cashier envy...I'm not a big shopper and when I'm ringing things up I don't really think about how nice they are and how I should buy them too.
Alot of cashiers I know are like that. They see people coming in and buying a certain shirt on sale all day long and at the end of their shift they go and buy the same shirt. At the end of my shift I usually bolt out the door so I can drive home to blasting dance music.
But this was a really really cute cupcake stand. I want to have a cupcake party sometime and invite lots and lots of people and have cupcakes everywhere. I'm going to need this cupcake stand when I do.
Isn't it beautiful?

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