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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Purple Inspiration

Ok, I realize I might have been obsessed about Blackberries for the past week.
And I know that I this is the third post in a row about blackberry. But they are so good! And the fact that they are freely sitting in  my backyard just waiting to be conquered by an aspiring culinary master....Well, it's just too much.
Do you ever have a goal, kind of a big goal, and you go all sorts of places to draw inspiration? But sometimes (most of the times) you just feel like instead of being truly inspired, you are just copying their genius and only tweaking it a little bit? Ok, that might not have made sense. Think of a poor art student (kinda like me when I was still a poor art student). They study all sorts of amazing artists, they try and make art that is the same sort of style or genre. But then they get discouraged because it just looks like a crappier version of a potential masterpiece. That is how I feel with cupcakes sometimes. There are so many wonderful cupcakes out there, but I feel like I'm not contributing to the masses. I'm just sorta copying old ideas.
Don't worry, this isn't a depressing post about how I feel like I'm a failure. I don't.
Because I made these beauties! I made the recpie up, I made the frosting up, I made it all up on my own! And the best part is... (ok, maybe not the best part. The best part is probably you eating it) The best part is they are purple! They are my signature "Purple Door" cupcakes! :D
Behold the new cupcake to grace the culinary world with it's presence: The Purple Himalayan
It's blackberry vanilla cake with blackberry frosting and blackberry lemon swirly garnishes. So far everyone that has eaten one has proclaimed it "The Best Cupcake Ever"
Yeah. I'm pretty pumped.


  1. I just randomly stumbled upon your blog and I am so very glad I did! These look absolutely amazing. So gorgeous!! Little tears have welled up in my eyes. Why? Because I don't actually get to taste them!! lol

  2. I am so very glad you randomly stumbled as well! It makes my day when people see my little blog here and leave a message to say they dropped by. Thank you so much! Hopefully you will be able to taste them someday...