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Monday, August 23, 2010

Once upon a time...

Today we venture into the land of thorny evil, of treacherous peril, of armed knights of honor, of fruitful triumph! I am here to spin you a yarn of bountiful berries, joyous jellies, and the heroes whose dedication to the rightful name of "Tasty" has heralded them worthy of aprons. Let us begin our tale...
Once there was a frightful land overgrown by briers, thorns, and entangling prickles sworn to the evil duty of locking away a precious treasure deep inside. But in the dark recesses of entrapment, there lay a beautiful and ethereal group of princesses. They all wore deep purple dresses that would sparkle if ever they wandered into a stay gleam of sunlight. They were the legendary, delicate, and tasty Black Berry Sisters. The entire world knew that if ever the Black Berry Sisters were to be rescued from imprisonment, happy mouths and tummies everywhere would be saved from the sad state of "hungry" that had been sweeping the villages around the area. 
So a group of brave and honorable knights came together and held a meeting about the dire state of the lovely Black Berry Sisters.
"It must be done!" cried the eldest, a beautiful lady knight whose canning wisdom had served her well in the past years. Her name was Miss Kim, and she was eager to get to boiling and sealing.
"I agree!" came the answer from Knight Candice. "The Black Berry Sisters are wasting away in that thicket. Tomorrow I will head out to save them. You may join me (and possibly perish, for it is a dangerous quest, I wot) or you may cower back from the thorns. But I press onward in hope of triumph!" At this speech she recieved many "Hear hear!"s and "Huzzah!"s from the remaining knights, Sir John Mark, Sir Marcus and Lady Olivia. They departed that hour for their perilous mission.
Twas a grand sight to see their procession. Armed with rubber boots, dashing yellow kitchen gloves and several large walking sticks for beating back and warding off their foe (Sir Marcus even brandished a pair of scissors and Sir John Mark valiantly snapped bush trimmers in a fit of bravery), the knights were sent off with many a tear in their fellow townspeople's eye. The cheers that surrounded them echoed through the streets.
The battle was a hard one, aye. Many an "Ow!" rang through the leaves that day. Our heroes grew discouraged at times. "I can't even eat Blackberries" sighed Lady Olivia (she was allergic, poor lass) and "Let's go home, Marcus. It's cold." But this story ends with a happy conclusion. The Black Berry Sisters were rescued from their thorny prisons and they were only too happy to reward the knights with nine shining jars of perfectly sealed blackberry jam. For all good and faithful knights deserve a smacking good serving of toast and jam. :)

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