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Friday, January 18, 2013

Thinking Spring: Recipes to Look Forward to

When November comes around and the air starts getting chilly, when there is frost on the ground in the morning when I get up and go to work, when Christmas music starts playing on the radio...I tell myself (and everyone else) that I love winter! Isn't it great? Such good opportunities to get snuggly, drink hot cocoa, bake all day! Winter is the best!

But now it's January 18th. I'm sick with the flu. My fingers are constantly cold. I hate scraping ice off my windshield. Winter stinks. Hot cocoa is boring, when are the lemonade months coming? Geesh. 

So I admit, I am a fickle person. Or at least, in regards to the seasons. Right now my favorite season is Spring. (Because it isn't here yet. See? Fickle.) So! All this to say: 
1. I'm ashamed of my whiny attitude toward winter, and yet I really really want it to go away so I keep whining. Bad.
2. In order to cheer myself up, and anyone else who is tired of the cold, I'm going to look at all sorts of nice Spring recipes. And post them here. In hopes that one day the little plants will peep their green heads up from the dirt, the ice will stop appearing on my car, and lemonade will overflow in the land of sun once more.
3. I can't actually bake today because I'm sick with the flu and everything hurts. Plus, I would infect everyone around me which would be miserable. It would be the antithesis of why I bake, which is to spread Happiness.  

All these pictures link back to the websites where I found the recipes. So you can click on the titles there and start baking. Maybe all the ovens going at once will speed up the warming process and spring will arrive sooner! :) It is totally worth trying. 

5. Raspberry Lemon Slice (Lemonade days, here we come, right?)

Annnnd! You thought you had escaped cupcakes? Ha! 

I think next time I'll post Valentines Day recipes. Because love is so cute and it's fun to bake into things. :)

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