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Friday, September 2, 2011

New Cupcake Flavor!

It's been awhile since I tackled a new cupcake flavor. I perfected my Blackberry Cupcake til it reached perfection but I haven't made a completely new cupcake in a month. (hey! that's a long time for a cupcake fanatic like me, ok?)
This month the ladies at my church are having their annual brunch to kick off the bible study program for this year and they have asked me to host it again!
(Check out last year's post here)
I had a blast last time and it was one of my favorite catering experiences, even if the smell of mushrooms did make me and my sister queasy. ;) So I'm ready to attack this one with gusto! There's something about autumn that just puts my baker side into gear. I love being in the kitchen when it's fall. All the colder weather and beautiful colors go to my head and I go baking crazy! And sure enough now that it's turned September and I'm waking up to colder mornings...well, let's just say I'm really really (really) excited.
I planned the menu for the ladies event about a week ago; I'm really looking forward to it. Of course, I'm planning on having three flavors of cupcakes, just like last year. But I didn't want them to be the same ones, even if they did get gobbled up and raved over. So I decided a nice coffee cupcake would be a nice adult flavor that would go perfectly with a brunch. And boy, am I glad I did...these might be the best cupcakes yet!

I wasn't actually going to post any pictures. They were, after all, just a taste tester. But when my sister saw it she couldn't eat it without whipping out her camera.
"WAIT!" she cried right before my mom put one in her mouth. "Can I take pictures first?" *insert puppydog face here* Of course I couldn't deny her. Who doesn't like having their culinary exploits enthusiastically photographed with vigor in awesome lighting?
So here's the break down of the cupcake himself. 
Coffee Chocolate cake soaked in Kahlua syrup frosted with Mocha Cream Cheese frosting and topped with shavings of bitter chocolate and a dash of cinnamon! 

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