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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May's Favorites

My dear friends. It is June.
Holy mother of pancakes...it's June! Maybe the rest of you already came to the realization that summer is here. But my poor addled brain just beheld, processed, and accepted my surroundings. I'm a little late to the party, I understand. But I'm here now...so let get this sunny, hot, beach-going, bare-footed party started! Oh wait...let's recap the delicious month of May first. Then we can start pumping the beats for June.

My sister visited me THREE times in May. Three times! That's three times the long deep conversations in the driveway, three times the laughs at inside jokes, three times the amount of coffee in my system, and of course...three times the fun! My sister is so awesome. Sometimes I forget this because she lives two hours away, but she really is the bestest. (HI, BEST FRIEND.)

Oh yeah...you wish you had a sister this awesome...

Alsoooo....Mother's Day! My mom deserves everything beautiful and sparkly and expensive beyond belief. Usually she just gets handmade cards or homemade food. It's so unfair. But it's probably a good thing because if she was beautiful and smart and funny and had all the prettiest things in the world...well. She would probably get mobbed or something because the whole population would be overcome with jealousy.

I mean, look at this lovely lady!

Memorial Day came and went. We were most unpatriotic and threw a thoroughly British tea party at 4 o'clock. (cheerio!) There wasn't an American dish in sight. We had so much fun...it was like Downton Abbey! Except no one died and we didn't say as many witty things at the Dowager and Mary. Because they are the queens of witty and we wouldn't dream of competing with their womanly genius. But we had fun pretending. :)

And here are the Pinterest Finds! Did I tell you I like pinterest? I like pinterest.
Something about baking illustrations makes me giddy. They are just perfect...like this cake would be if it were in fact edible.

Aren't these macarons the cutest thing you've ever seen? Even if you don't like tomatoes you'll agree with me...these must be eaten. Or just looked at, because they are adorable. And the photography stylizing is perfect for those little sugar tomatoes.

Oh yeah...cute food? It's a thing. I love it.

Your May Favorites:


Have a Happy June everybody!! It's going to be a crazy busy month for me, I have a lot planned. I'm really excited for it. :)

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