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Friday, November 12, 2010

Once Again...

And once more, my oven ruins my plans.
I know that my oven bakes too hot. But it's a fact I try so hard to ignore. (I should just buy a freaking oven thermometer and get it over with)
Recently, The Duvall Church came to me with an order for over 100 desserts for their Volunteer Appreciation Dessert Event. (Hurray! We now dedicate this time to a moment of silent contemplation of over 100 desserts. Yes, we know. It's lovely.) Included in these tasty plans are 4 wonderful cheesecakes. So today, I whipped up a test cheesecake in order to catch any malevolent mishap that may spring up in the recipe I'll be using for the event.
Ah yes. Mishap in two words: cracked cheesecake.
My oven bakes too hot! I'm sure it was over baked as well. It isn't too awful. It IS a test bake and over baked cheesecake still tastes awesome. It just doesn't look too fancy.
So I'm topping the whole thing with orange marmalade sauce and mandarin orange slices. Cracks concealed and citrus goodness = crisis averted.

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