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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Change of Mind. Happiness of Mouth.

I know I said I would bake beef pot pies in my ramekins...
But I changed my mind. We ate all the stew and there was no leftovers to make pot pies.

No worries. (no worries at all)
I made Creme Brulee. Not just any Creme Brulee. Pumpkin Maple Creme Brulee. But as I said earlier today, it doesn't matter what the flavor is: it's heaven in a ramekin. My sister replied.
"Can I eat it now? Pumkin in a Ramekin, stuff my face-kin..."


  1. I still check back here every now and then. When I do, I make sure it's after I've eaten something, otherwise I'll just leave hungry because everything on here looks so delectable!

    But anyway, I don't know if you've seen my Facebook posts on my life goals. Well, here's a new one: "Life Goal #482: Attend the first day of business at The Purple Door Bakery."

  2. WHAT! I made it onto your life goals list? I feel so honored! I will be sure to let you have a free cupcake or something if you show up.