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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Impromptu Delicious

I (being human) love pasta.
The other day my sister had some friends over between the bewitching hours of noon and 2pm. This is a good time to be over at the Lango house because that means I can cook you lunch! Here is the best lunch type invention I created on Friday:

Impromptu Delicious Pasta
Some Pasta
Half a can of diced tomatoes
Finely chopped chives
Finely chopped parsley
Onion Powder
Clove of Garlic

Cook the pasta, drain it. Throw in some butter, let it melt. (mmmm) Throw in the rest of the ingredients mix it up and eat it! See how beautifully simple it is? It is impromptu, delicious, and awesome. If you omit the butter in order to b artery conscious, you can even refrigerate it and eat it cold. BOOYAH! You can even throw some black olives in there, that would be great too.
The highschoolers liked it. Even after the claimed they "weren't hungry" they ate the whole pot of it. (This is because it is impossible to refuse a dish with pasta and butter in it. It's scientifically proven.)

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